Drinking games for couples with your partner is incredible, sexy, and a great way to spice up your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are a new couple or have been together for a while. For new relationships, drinking games as a couple is a way to understand each other better. Couples who have been together for a long time may lose the flavour of their romantic life. Drinking games can restore or strengthen the chemistry between couples.

We have listed some of the most fun and sexy drinking games that you can play with your partner. But before you start playing the drinking game, we remind you to drink responsibly. Make sure someone sober and trustworthy takes you home.

Fun drinking games to play with your baby

When you play drinking games with your partner, you can be as naughty as possible. They are designed to bring couples together and spend intimate moments together.

Adding alcohol adds more fun and flavour to the games. This is what Neil Cake, who has a great interest in alcohol, points out: he is not a big fan of games, but he can try drinking games. He says, “I don’t have much experience with drinking games (just the drinking part), but it appears to me that they are based on the idea that games are exciting, alcohol is fun, and that games are more fun when Physical and mental abilities are affected by alcohol consumption, it is like having fun with the power of pleasure.

24 Drinking Games For Couples

1. The Quiz Game

The Quiz Game

The Quiz Game is a classic couples game that will help you get to know your partner better. All you need is a series of spicy questions and some shot glasses! Here are some questions you can start with:

Where did we first meet?

What were you wearing when we met?

When did we kiss for the first time?

When are we going on vacation?

Your partner must take a risk with each incorrect answer. The same applies to you if you don’t know the correct answers.

2. Spin the bottle

Of course, this is not a typical way to spin the bottle! When you play this game with your partner, play it with a little twist! The game’s concept remains the same, but instead of pointing the bottle at a person, have it point at an object: chocolate, whipped cream, or maybe a suit. When the bottle is told at one of these objects, do something romantic and dramatic with it to entertain your partner. You can play this game with alternating turns, and whoever fails must take their chances!

3. Drunken artists

The game stands for a combination of drinking and then a diagram. It would help if you had paper or a whiteboard and a marker. You can also use your finger or partner’s body as a canvas. Your partner should be able to see what you are drawing.

Once you start drawing, your partner must guess what you are drawing as quickly as possible. Draw soon so that your partner takes a drink every 20 seconds. The longer the partner delays, the more he or she will have to drink.

At the end of each round, you must try your luck. If you think your partner deliberately stopped you from guessing the correct answer (so you would drink more), you can answer them in the next round.

4. Combat shooting

Have you ever played BattleShips? This one is right in your lane. You can get a new board or make one yourself.

Take a sheet of paper and draw a 7×7 grid. Label the columns alphabetically and the rows numerically. This way, you get an alphanumeric name for each box; for example, the top left box is A1.

Place your “ships” on the grid. Three X’s are for the battleship, two for the destroyer and one for the submarine. Don’t show your partner where the X’s are. An X represents a move.

Each of you takes turns guessing where your partner’s combat shots are located. Every time they hit an X, shoot. The first to sink all the opponent’s ships is the winner. The loser must drink all the remaining drinks.

5. Higher Or Lower/Red And Black

It is one of the popular games that people play at parties. You turn it into a drinking game with your partner. You can set spicier, spicier rules for a more romantic experience. The game is simple. All you need is a deck of cards and some drinks.

  • Start by guessing whether a card is red or black.
  • If you get it right, you must guess if the card is greater or less than the previous one.
  • If you select the wrong colour, you will have to take a drink.
  • If your estimate of the top or bottom card is incorrect, you will need to remove an item of clothing.
  • The game seems simple but can become more and more exciting as you progress.

6. Russian roulette

Spice up your evening with this classic Russian roulette game. If you have a set of shot glasses, fill two with gin or vodka and the rest with water. Mix them as much as possible, then divide the glasses evenly between you and your partner. Now, take turns drinking, and whoever gets the alcohol first will face a challenge.

You can suggest specific actions to your partner, such as dancing to a song, having two back-to-back drinks, or serenading yourself with a romantic song. Fill more glasses with drinks for the second round and make the game night unforgettable.

7. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie

Two Truths And One Lie is a thrilling couple’s game that requires you to reveal facts about yourself to your partner. This game works very well for new relationships because you know much about your partner and vice versa.

To play the game:

  1. Start by saying three things about yourself, two of which are true and one of which is a lie.
  2. Let your partner guess what’s real and what’s not.
  3. For every incorrect answer, serve your partner a drink. For every correct answer, try your luck yourself.

8. Go to the bar

You must have played the “I’m going on a picnic” game in school. “Going to the Bar” is just their drinking version.

  • Start the game by saying: “I’m successful to the block toward look for…”. You can add a drink of your excellent.
  • Your partner will then recurrence the phrase and add a drink of choice.
  • This continues until one of you makes a mistake and has to shoot.

We guarantee that after the sixth or seventh drink, you will be too drunk to continue. Be prepared for laughter and mispronunciations.

9. Spin the bottle – with a twist

In this family game, you spin a bottle, and whoever points the arrow has to do something you want them to do. But here is the turning point.

  • Spin the bottle over the objects.
  • The objects can be something innocent like brown, fruit, whipped best or something naughty like handcuffs and lashes.
  • When the jug stops spinning, you can tell your partner to do something original and sexy with the object the arrow is pointing at.
  • Your partner does the same to you when it’s his turn.
  • Try your luck in each act.

10. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is another game to help you get closer to your partner. Start the game by saying, “I have never kissed a girl or a boy.” If yes, your partner should say so by taking a photo. Otherwise, no one drinks!

This drinking game reveals much about your partner and lets you know what they want from the relationship.

11. The question and answer game

The question and answer game

The trivia game suits couples who have come a long way in their relations. This is one of the best relationship games for wanting to know more about your partner. Start by asking your partner a few questions. These questions can refer to anything, even personal life. You can go as deep as you want, but make sure your partner is comfortable. You can ask questions like:

When are we going to move in together?

When are we going to get engaged?

When can we meet each other’s families?

If you or your partner decide not to answer a question, you should take your chances.

12. Simon says… Drink!

Become Simon and tell your partner to pardon your poverty him to do. Since this is a drinking game for couples, you can be naughty in your instructions. Something like: “Simon says… take off your shirt and take a photo!” to speed things up.

13. Speed Facts

This drinking game can be great if you have been a couple for a long time. Quick facts are a test to see how much your partner knows about you. You need your partner and a lot of alcohol to play. Take turns sharing facts about your partner. You lose a round every period you say something wrong or take more than three seconds to remember a fact. For three missed turns, you have to take a chance. You can adjust the number of cartridges wasted when taking photos based on your alcohol tolerance.

14. The drinking game in a movie or television show

Choose a movie you both like or a completely new movie. You have to guess the scenes from the movie or TV show and write down the possible scenes. If your partner thought the acts correctly, then you should have a drink. With your partner, you can go bold and watch an R-rated movie. Nothing else is needed to keep things up.

A variation of the classic game is that you can guess the movie dialogues and shoot every time your partner understands them correctly.

15. Jenga

Who said Jenga was for kids? Well, playing with your partner while drinking can be very interesting. This version of Jenga alternately includes drawing blocks. You can ask your partner to do something attractive or flirty for each block drawn. Some of the tasks that you can entrust to your partner include a strip dance, a lap dance, etc. If your partner fails or tries to perform the act, he or she will have to take a drink.

Zoe Mae Davies, a blogger, discovered that including alcohol in the Jenga game made it fun to play with all her friends. The rules are straightforward to follow, and all you need are the Jenga blocks, a marker to write the challenges on them and a few bottles of alcohol of your choice. He also provided some examples of the type of challenges that can be done, such as “Battle of the sexes: each person of the opposite sex has to have one drink” or “Beauty Swap: switch places with the person you think is prettiest by playing the game (I). This fun game can easily liven up any party and keep it in full swing!

16. Flip, Sip or strip.

This exciting drinking game for couples can get exciting with every guess your partner makes. Start by tossing a coin and then asking your wife to consider its Face. If your partner makes a mistake for the first time, they must take a risk. But if they make a second mistake, they must remove their clothes.

17. Straight Face

Straight Face can be brutal and requires a bit of effort to play. But it can be fun and wild! To prepare this game, prepare a bowl full of slips of paper with adult jokes. Now, one of you must choose a voucher and read what is written on it.

The objective of the game is to keep a straight face while playing. You cannot show any expression or laugh. The first one to laugh out loud loses the round and must shoot.

18. Find The Spot

Make your kissing fantasies come true with this drinking game for couples called Find The Spot. The game is simple and romantic. All you have to do is keep guessing! Start the game by asking your partner, “Where do I like to be kissed the most?” Then, give them three options to think about. You will have to take a photo for each correct answer, and your partner will take a picture for each incorrect answer.

19. Truth or Dare or Drink

Everyone loves this game. Adding alcohol to the mix only adds to the fun. This typical drinking game is the perfect way to get to know your partner. Here are two ways to play this game:

It only plays the role of “truth”. Start taking turns asking personal questions. Whoever refuses to answer will drink. Telling the truth is a valued trait in couples; this model game will only bring you closer.

You can only play the “challenge” part. They both take turns doing the challenges. If not, have a drink. As the drinks start flowing, the challenges get sexier and sillier. And your relationship regains the flavour it had lost.

20. Dare Beer Pong

Dare Beer Pong

Have you played the classic game of beer pong? Here is a drinking game for couples with a touch of originality. Place the beer glasses triangularly on a bench with conflicting trimmings. The leading glass contains the minimum amount of beer, which gradually increases in the other glasses. You throw a ping-pong ball at your partner’s glasses. It would be best if you drank from this glass. Here’s the variation: Place a piece of paper under each glass with a challenge written on it. Now, your partner must complete the challenge. Take turns and let the game take you on an exciting adventure.

21. Boat race

Boat Race is similar to Flip Cup. You don’t need a ship for this game. Barco is an acronym for “beer on a table.” The game is simple: whoever finishes the beer is the winner. The loser suffers the consequences. The game can be endlessly fun in a large group.

22. Kinky Cards

Kinky Cards is for you and your partner to get drunk and undress. So, if you are planning a sexy night out, Kinky Cards is the game to choose from. It would help if you had a deck of cards and paper. Label each odd-numbered card with a figure part and each colour with an action (the naughtier, the better). Each event card corresponds to the number of shots you must make. That’s all. Choose a card. Act on the assigned body part.

23. Pizza box

Take an empty pizza box before a large piece of newspaper. Toss him a coin. Draw a circle of any size and inscribe a ruler inside the circle. Your partner will come later. If the coin lands on the circle, they must do what is written on it. They can draw their circle and create their new ruler if it falls outside. Keep playing until there is no more space left. Make up naughty rules for a romantic finish.

24. Go Fish

“Go Fish” stands a classic game with a naughty twist. You must drink when you request a card and your partner doesn’t have it. If they have the card and give it to you, they must drink. When one of you does a set of four, the other must remove an item of clothing and finish your drink. You’re both guaranteed to get drunk and intimate in no time.

Infographic: Is this your song? : A popular drinking game for couples.

Drinking games are always one of the most fun activities. You feel free and excited enough to try crazy things and release your inhibitions.

And if you like listening to tunes, the game said in the infographic below will be a great system to share love and joy with your partner.

So go ahead and see how you can incorporate songs into your drinking games as a couple.

Frequent questions

1. Are there any drinking games that do not require alcohol?

You can substitute alcohol with any other non-alcoholic drink of your choice to play these games. Truth or Dare Jenga, Skill Pong, and Never Have I Ever are popular couples games that don’t require alcohol.

2. What are the rules of the Copa del Rey drinking game?

The rules of the King’s Cup or Ring of Fire drinking game involve placing a deck of cards face down in a circle, each representing a different rule or action that players must follow. The game ends when the fourth king is drawn.

3. Are there any drinking games that do not require any equipment?

Some drinking games that don’t require any materials include Truth or Dare, Two Truths and a Lie, Speed Game, and Alphabet Game.

4. What drinks are best for couples drinking games?

For couples’ drinking games, drinks that are easy to make and share, like cocktails or wine, work best. But you can choose the beverage of your choice to play.

5. How can we ensure that couples’ drinking games remain fun and safe?

To ensure that drinking games as a couple remain fun and safe, set clear rules and boundaries, avoid personal attacks through the use of degrading comments, monitor alcohol consumption, and avoid pressuring someone to drink more than they feel comfortable doing. Comfortable.

For couples, drinking games is a great way to bond with loved ones and get to know them better. These games are fun and bring you both closer together. You can opt for a trivia game like Never Have I Ever or try a novel like Dare Beer Pong or the ever-popular Spin The Bottle. You can make your favourite games more interesting by playing them after a drink. These games guarantee you will have memorable moments and can need a lot of fun playing with them. However, set rules and drink responsibly to avoid complications.

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