Exercise helps you stay healthy. One of the benefits is keeping the cardiovascular system in good shape and avoiding heart problems and heart in shape. To do this, it is obligatory to do frequent exercises for the cardiovascular system, which increase the body’s resistance and help take care of our heart.

Cardiovascular exercise belongs to the group of aerobic exercise. These types of exercises are of moderate intensity and longer duration than anaerobic exercises, which aim to increase strength and muscle tone.

This type of training increases resistance through the use of oxygen and a controlled increase in heart rate, and is useful when you need to lose weight.

Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise: Keep Your Heart In Shape

Activities such as running, swimming, ice skating or cycling are some of the cardiovascular exercises that will allow you to gain many benefits for our body:

  • Circulation: Cardiovascular exercise increases the distribution of blood flow throughout the body, so it is helpful before any workout.
  • Disease Prevention: Exercise for the cardiovascular system keeps the heart fit and helps prevent heart disease and reduce other factors that can affect the cardiovascular system, such as cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Lung Volume: Exercise requires a lot of oxygen for the cardiovascular system, so it puts stress on the cardiovascular system and improves lung capacity, which helps us to increase endurance.
  • Reducing body fat: Exercise for the cardiovascular system is good allies against fat accumulation, but must be collective with a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Endorphins: Endorphins are substances produced by our body that are directly related to well-being. Cardiovascular exercise increases the secretion of endorphins, reduces conditions such as stress or anxiety, and boosts self-esteem and energy, promoting a night’s rest.

Running Is One Of The Most Complete Cardiovascular Exercises.

Running is one of the main cardiovascular exercises that is gaining more and more followers in recent times, and is also one of the most convenient for burning calories.

For many, it has become the ideal discipline for exercising and achieving well-being, reducing stress, and increasing energy and stamina, as it allows the whole body to exercise and maintain the cardiovascular system in shape.

You can do this in the open or on a treadmill, and like many other cardiovascular exercises, you can do them yourself, but there are a number of tips to consider if you are considering starting this exercise. convenient.

  • Use suitable shoes suitable for this activity, you will avoid many injuries.
  • Start with setting distance goals and forget about the time, you can even combine that with walking sections.
  • Flinch with a few days a week and association this activity with other cardiovascular exercises.
  • Set goals that you can achieve by gradually increasing them.
  • Stretching is essential during cardiovascular exercise. Remember to stretch earlier and after the run, especially your legs and arms.

Cardiovascular Exercise To Do At Home

In addition to running, biking, ice skating, or even dancing, there are a few simple cardiovascular physical activity that you can do at home or outside to benefit from, and which you can combine. with the sporting activity you prefer.

  • Jump rope: One of the simplest cardiovascular exercises for increasing lung resistance. Avoid bending your knees and jump with your feet together.
  • Going up the stairs: You can use the stairs as a space where you can do the exercises in parts, and also integrate it into your daily life and forget about the elevator, you will soon notice the benefits.
  • Jumping: There are countless cardiovascular jumping exercises. You can do these by pressing your knees against your chest and combining them with squats or floor push-ups as you progress through the workout.
  • Jumping: can be done on a worktop or on a step. It involves lifting one leg up one step and the other down and swap them into jumps.
  • Abs: They are also good for the cardiovascular system. Place a towel on the floor and arrange it in cubes so that they rest between them. To avoid straining your neck too much, place your hands underneath to rest your head, but do not pull on it.

You can combine all of these cardiovascular exercises into your workout routine and increase the number of repetitions of each as your resistance increases.

Remember that exercise is important for improving your health and well-being. Set realistic goals and maintain an activity regimen that will increase your stamina, security, and self-esteem.

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